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Health Expert – Please meet our Campus Doctor

In the Creative Industry the paste is quiet high and to come up with outstanding ideas and innovations, we need to boost our creative energy in a healthy way. That’s why we implemented Biohacking and a NAP PAB!

Our implemented NAP LAB ‘The Re-Charge Room’ on our Hamburg campus of Miami Ad School Europe. With the support of @DrDirkWagener from @Zellkraft, our students learn how to biohack and recharge their batteries. Only with sufficient regeneration outstanding results can be achieved ‘power napping #brainlight#HeartCoherenceBreathing #OneMomentMeditation.

Be creative every day, work in a team, deliver your work on time … That can be quite exhausting. How do I keep fit? How do I nourish myself optimally? How many breaks should I do? Do I get enough sleep? Thank you Barbara Winkler-Wolf and Dr. Dirk Wagener for supporting our students here with many useful tips and tricks to be prepared for everyday life.