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Our Campus in Hamburg -

has seen the last intake of students in Spring 2021. And in December 2021 MAS Hamburg will merge with MAS Berlin to become one.

One Miami Ad School Europe, united in Germany’s most international city: Berlin, located in a future-ready environment named Factory!

MASE moves to Berlin (in January 2022)

Miami Ad School Europe was founded in 2003. Since then a lot has happened. Digital revolution and disruption through new technology has changed everything. Touching „Adland” and other playgrounds in the marketing and communication world, making the most awarded school for creatives a different one. From ads to ideas and from ideas to innovation – hence the new alignment in the school’s name:

With a location in Hamburg and Berlin, students had the choice between a more traditional city like Hamburg, the elegant beauty, and the German capital Berlin – rough, edgy, and very international. Always being served by a passionate staff, a leadership team that walked the talk and mentors giving their vast know-how to junior creative talent. While winning awards.

Fast forward to 2020, the year that changed everything:
The pandemic accelerated and amplified many things on many levels. And Miami Ad School Europe had to transform, invent and innovate even more, even faster! Leading to many changes, i.e. the new location Factory Berlin. Reflecting what the school stands for: a program that is future-ready, in an environment that is full of opportunities. A modern infrastructure with fast digital access and human connections – enriching and inspiring!

All of this we find true in Berlin with the Factory Berlin Partnership providing a vibrant community and a powerful context for our students. With start-ups and creative tech companies next door, plus a library, cafés in-house, artists-in-residence and lots of workspaces to create award winning ideas.
The best home for our school you can imagine, with great success stories even after this short span of time and tons of collaboration.

There is no reason for us to be two families – we are unified, coming together as one. With one central hub and a clearly defined center of all things MASE. That’s why from 2022 onwards, the MASE will have its capital in the Capital. Makes sense, especially since …

Now in a place where cross pollination is thriving, helping creativity to blossom even more!

Thanks for joining the ride!

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