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Welcome to the Creative Hub of Berlin

Berlin is international, creative – with a huge start-up scene and street art culture.

Miami Ad School Europe has a Berlin branch since 2009. But in 2020 – we decided to move on and partner up with FACTORY BERLIN – an innovative, artsy, inspiring and adventurous playground – a Community-Place, where we became member to foster even more creativity and collaboration.

This city, imagined as a person is a kick-boxing guy who talks straight and tough.
Berlin is our New York, but a lot greener and super storyfied as the four allied forces had the city divided and it was an Eastern part and a Western part until Germany’s reunification in 1989.

With the Factory Berlin being our new home, the school‘s location reflects the German Capital‘s vibe as a place for creative tech innovators and start-ups. And we are happy to be part of a wider, vibrant infrastructure, with many interesting companies next door.

Welcome to Berlin!

Factory Berlin is an ecosystem of over 3,500 members from more than 70 nations located on two campuses. Gathering the most ambitious creators from the tech, creative and corporate industries, we curate our diverse community to connect, collaborate and thrive together. As a platform for active networking, our digital products, spaces, startup labs, events, and programs encourage new connections to impact our surroundings and world. Supported by partners like Riverside Studios Berlin, Sónar+D, Google for Startups, CODE University, and McKinsey & Company, the Factory Berlin culture empowers creators to build a better world.

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