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VIP Talks


As we are very well connected in the industry, we got the chance to talk to a few, very outstanding professionals from around the world – more in detail and chatted very personal. Enjoy a few of these interviews here:

VIP Talk with Stefan Sagmeister

Miami Ad School Europe had a privat Bar Chat with design legend Stefan Sagmeister from Sagmeister & Walsh New York — at Millerntor-Stadion.

Let’s chat over a beer – Mr Stefan Sagmeister.

Miami Ad School Europe had a privat Q&A session with Design legend Stefan Sagmeister!!!

This year in Hamburg at Forward Festival Hamburg 2018 Millerntor-Stadion – Miami Ad School Europe had a blast!!! It was absolutely breathtaking …

We attended the Adobe XD workshop, then our former grad Felix Richter who is Executive Creative Director at Droga5 New York and one of the most awarded creatives in the US inspired on the Main stage, also our Managing Director Digital, Ina Behrendt hold a keynote speech about Creative Technology and new ways of education and talent skills and next to other amazing speakers, then we got the opportunity to have a privat Q&A session with Stefan Sagmeister himself!!! We had a chat over a beer…ok, over a water 😉 and received golden tips based on his own experience. Wow – we felt very honored to spend some time with him in person at the BAR!!! Forward Festival Hamburg 2018, brings the best international and local creative heads and provid insights into their success stories!

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VIP Talks at Future Summit Series – The 100

What makes Future Summit Series – The 100 special?

Ani Liu at Future Summit Series 100


Nancy King at Future Summit Series 100


Mick McConnell at Future Summit Series 100


Gilbert Schibranji at Future Summit Series 100


David Schwarz at Future Summit Series 100


The motto of this new format is: We don’t believe in the conference model. We believe in the cross-pollination of inspiration and ideas from one person to another. We believe in creation something together and not just sitting and listening to a line-up esteemed individuals. We believe in esteemed individuals having a group discussion and making something out of it. We believe in the maker spirit and learning by doing.

This is why we invited outstanding industry leader with the same mindset and got the opportunity to catch their opinion about the creative industry and how the future for creatives look like. Let’s talk, Mrs Liu, Mr McConnell, Mrs King …