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As the school of the Future – we have outstanding partners, who create the future. We love to collaborate – work and learn with and from the best – here are just a few:
Facebook & HARIBO
Facebook & LEMON AID
Facebook & St. Pauli
Facebook / 4 Sec Storytelling School

“The ‘4 Second Storytelling School’ is a completely new course format that teaches our students, how they come up with ideas for just 4 seconds and what it needs to execute them and act for the four-second storytelling,” said Ina Behrendt, Managing Partner at Miami Ad School Europe. As a cooperation partner, the talent factory Facebook has earned its home. “The aim was to bring fresh ideas from students with established brands together and to find new approaches for mobile first solutions and ideas. The special thing about it: Mobile natives recognize mobile creatives,” says Behrendt. The course that Iliès Terki, Pop Culture Engineer mentor at the Miami Ad School Europe, and Marc Wirbeleit, Creative Strategist on Facebook, have been on for ten weeks. This being said, it’s important for brands like Haribo, FC St. Pauli, and Lemonaid to adopt new storytelling approaches on the mobile device. With the perception: „What the students came up with and developed and executed in this short amount of time is outstanding and I’ve never seen it before – especially in this benchmark-driven quality?’ explained Wirbeleit.

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FacebookBluePrint E-Learning

We offer every student a free admission at Facebooks e-learning platform to gain extra skills in digital marketing and receive certificates along the way.

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VR/AR Association
The VR/AR ASSOCIATION is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between companies and people in the VIRTUAL REALITY & AUGMENTED REALITY ecosystem that accelerates growth, fosters research and education, helps develop industry standards, connects member organizations and promotes the services of member companies.
Collaborating with MIAMI AD SCHOOL EUROPE as a partner to educate the next wave of CREATIVE TECHNOLOGISTS was an obvious choice! And combining the courses in Virtual/Augmented Reality with Game Design made it a clear winning combination for all parties involved, giving the students the most cutting-edge technological experience available.

Crafting Stories for Virtual Reality – Sarah Lakshmi

As part of Lakshmi Sarah’s European book tour, the VRARA Germany in collaboration with the local nextReality.Hamburg e.V is organising a book reading of Crafting Stories in Virtual Reality on April 16th at the Miami Ad School Europe.

Podcast ‚Higher Eduction and Immersive Tech‘

Tyler and Sophia introduce Philip Wogart VRARA Germany chapter president. In this discussion, Philip speaks with Lakshmi Sarah (co-author Crafting Stories for Virtual Reality) and Ina Behrendt (Miami Ad School Europe) in discussing their thoughts and experiences on Higher Education and Immersive Technologies.

Siemens Medical Care & Healthcare Engineering

While Siemens introduced the new “Sequoia”, a brand new machine, equipped with the newest technology of ultrasound (read more at:, we put people in a #VR simulation where they can experience the usage of the machine and how it will improve the life of many people. We had a blast showing people #VR and amazed them with the immersive experience.


CeBIT – Europe’s Business Festival for Innovation and Digitalisation. Our Creative Technology students represented VR/AR tools and promoted our collaboration as well as one of our amazing Gaming VR/AR class teacher and president and founder of the Hamburg Chapter of the Global VR/AR Association Philip Wogart got interviewed by CeBIT.

JCI – Junior Chamber International, Hamburg
JCI is the biggest German association of young leaders and entrepreneurs under the age of 40. Their network is the largest network of the young economy in Germany.
  • Member of the JCI
  • Creative Technology Workshop
  • Keynote
NIT – Northern Institute of Technology Management
The NIT and Miami Ad School Europe have sealed their official cooperation in a ‚Memorandum of Understanding‘. The plans include to open individual courses, as well as to develop common courses. The aim is to promote exchange and mutual learning between students from different disciplines, such as engineering, management and creative technology – International Creative Minds meet International Engineers.

Academic Classes

Our Creative Technology Students at the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management for their Technology Management Class

Creative Technology Keynote

Creative Tehnologists are the thinkers and creators who solve problems by inventing or creating things that make the world a better place. How can we integrate machine learning or artificial intelligence into a creative environment, or how can we use innovation and start-up thinking in the solution of challenges in the industry. Ina Behrendt, Managing Partner Innovations at Miami Ad School Europe explains why technology and creativity go hand in hand.

HH Economic Dialog

Together  – NIT & Miami Ad School Europe, the audience and our panel of experts, we discussed what new ways machine learning can open up and how learning IT systems can help companies move forward. The cultural theorist and author Dr. Martin Burckhardt gave an insight into the development history of AI as well as the current and future opportunities and also possible challenges: “The most important intelligence is to be more intelligent than artificial intelligence,” Martin Burckhardt summarizes the future challenge and calls: “Make yourself intelligent.”

Christian Behrendt (Google) then introduced the ‘Project Muze’ experiment. Here, Google applied its technology to machine learning in the fashion world.

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Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft & PAGE
The portfolio slam, which takes place regularly, gives students and young professionals the opportunity to find out what experts look for when looking at creative portfolios and to establish a network in the industry. Agencies have the opportunity to get to know the next generation and to network with each other.
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VRHQ – Virtual Reality Headquarter Hamburg
Immerse yourself in virtual worlds‍. Experience the future here:
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next media accelerator

next media accelerator was initiated by the German Press Agency (dpa) and founded in 2015 in Hamburg by several independent partners in order to offer media related startups a place to succeed.


Thanks to our awesome partner Future Candy to let us play, try and error and discover the latest gadgets and tools of technology – together we can create the future #FutureForTheBetter #CreativeTechnology #FutureCandy #MiamiAdSchoolEurope #VR #Gaming #AR #UserExperience #TechGarage #Inspiration #Creativity


Weischer.Media counts as one of the leading marketer in the industry of OOH, cinema- and online advertising. They introduced a special interview series called ’Oberwasser’ where they talk to decision-makers from the industry ‘to grill them’ ????

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