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International Hackathons

We are attending International Hackathons + Conferences  to change the world for the better

We literally believe that the world is your classroom. And we are teaching this motto, not just on campus side and during the 3 quarter internships in the hottest and best known companies and agencies around the world – we are also attending competitions, pitches and hackathons to participate in real project, gain more collaboration experience, industry knowledge and hands-on working business. Here are a few examples:

LavalVirtual Hackathon 2019

The World’s oldest VR & AR Festival, located in France.

We are so thrilled that our Miami Ad School Europe Creative Technology students Paras Juneja Sukratti Jain Justus Rosenkranz and their awesome mentor Philip Wogart ranked 2nd @LavalVirtual’s hackathon 2019 out of 10. Congratulations on their B2B application for sensitivity training in the field of disability & immersive technology and big thanks ???? #unrealengine #creativethechnology #thecreativetechnologychannel #miamiadschooleu #headgear #vrara #immersivetech

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EU Hackathon “Europe to the Hearts”

We also attended the European Union Hackathon `Take Europe to the hearts‘ and made it 2nd. In this edition, participants had the challenge to create and run a marketing campaign taking Europe to the Hearts. Make it viral, make it big!


At the beginning of the event, each participant presented her/his idea. So if you already have an exciting idea on how to bring EU to the hearts, you can introduce it. But even if you spontaneously came up with an idea during the idea pitches, always with it! After the idea pitches, each participant decided on which idea he/she would like to work on. Subsequently, teams are formed.

And many more. Check out our News Blog to find out more …

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