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Projects at Miami Ad School Europe

Here some of our most valuable partners:

… and many more …

At MASE, we regularly run projects with creative partners to give our students the opportunity to experience the school’s mantra “The Real World is our classroom”:

We had collaborations ie with leading AR Technology firm Niantic – the Google spin-off responsible for Pokémon Go and Harry Potter.

Here, our students worked on VR and AR ideas in the field of creative tech.

Or a Facebook project called „Vertical Storytelling Lab“  where we worked with students from different quarters on video stories for 5 start-up brands.

Through our Creative Technologist in residence, Philip Wogart, MASE students are connected to VR/AR associations which leads to projects in this area.

In Berlin, due to our teacher, Teresa Jung (CD for ie Heimat Berlin) initiative, students developed a CI for the famous Rhine town of Ruedesheim – a real world project which took place in 2nd quarter. Proving that at MASE, the Real World is your classroom!