Our Achievements

We are one of the Most Awarded Schools in the world since many years.

And Yes, our Prizes and Awards are cool and important … but the most important thing is you! Your creative talent, your fire, and your dream! And to allow you to start your career as a creative professional with us, we offer you real world experience.  But as awards, based on the awarded cases are the benchmark in the industry – we enter our students’ work to competitions around the world and get the highest accolades for their work.

15 Years of Trophies

We have many wonderful Partners doing amazing things…

We host, collaborate and send our students to some of the most prestigious programs in Advertising, Marketing and Digital Technologies. Check out the Innovation Days, VIP Talks, Facebook e-learning, International Hackathons, Google Classes and more…our international network from leading brands and agencies helps our students to achieve their potential and provides a superb ecosystem for creative innovations!