Portfolio Programs

Our portfolio programs take two years and include international internships at the world’s top agencies and hottest brands and companies. You get a creative “toolbox” as well as all the skills and knowledge you need to work in the creative industry. In addition, you create a creative portfolio that is your ticket to a career in the fashion, sports, automotive, engineering, gaming, advertising, music, or design industry. You will be taught by people with whom you will also be working together later – all our teachers work for the top agencies and companies or are professionally engaged in the relevant subject area. This puts you right on the ball and gets you learning about the latest trends and finding out what is expected on the job. The training diplomas offered are Art Director, Copywriter, and Digital Designer.

Deutsches Info-PaketEnglish info-package

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English is the language of instruction at our school. But don’t worry!!! – We don’t require a TOEFL test or anything.
Simple school English is enough – you just have to be confident enough to start talking; the rest will take care of itself.