Digital-Designerin / Digital-Designer


A digital designer is a graphic designer of the digital universe. They burn for the latest technologies and master them in their sleep. In the virtual and digital world at home, they create new creative ideas that have never existed before.

“Multitasking-capable” is probably the best description of designers specialized in the digital universe. This is a skill that has given the job description new life – today they are therefore a driving force in the global multimedia mix.

And the perfect complement to art directors and copywriters: As a vital part of the digital team that produces designs for video games, interactive events, apps, web banners, holograms, 3D printers, avatars, and everything with which brands advertise to customers.

Designers today are no longer reduced to classic artwork.
They design products and are inventors that utilize old techniques in new ways, they are cool again and the “(wo)man!” The head honcho. The Big Kahuna. The top dog. They dominate their computers with breathtaking ease. You save the world from their screen – and sip from time to time from a sleek, eco-green, self-created, 3D-printed water bottle.

The program takes two years. The objective is
a) a professional portfolio and
b) learning everything you need to be successful worldwide in the creative industries.

Become a Digital Designer – More Infos, please!

You can also take this course of studies in order to receive a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

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