Copywriterin / Copywriter

Copywriter Camp

You are already active as copywriter/writer, but you are finding that that is too little over time? You already have experience in advertising, but you want to develop further, particularly in the direction of concept design? And give your writing a high-gloss polish on top of that? Welcome to our one-year English Copywriter Camp!

It includes 3 x 10 intensive weeks in specially selected classes from our portfolio programs that revolve around writing and concept design. In addition, you get a ten-week internship at a top agency in Berlin, so that you can try out and go more deeply into all the newly acquired knowledge in practice.

In just one year, you will get everything you need for your next career move, and can also gain important contacts as part of the Miami Ad School family.

Become a Copywriter Camper – More Infos, please!