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Miami Ad School Europe helped me on my way ...

… to become who I was meant to be.

In total – we have over xxxx Alumni – most of them are working in the Creative Industry or for tech companies like Google, Facebook or Netflix. Others invented their own business or are employed at global top brands. What all our Alumni have in common is the great foundation from their education at our school. And the amazing connections you get when joining the Miami Ad School family. This makes for a rather crowded “Hall of Fame” from Miami Ad School Europe!

If you look at leadership boards of the world’s best agencies, you find many of our former students there. With the rockstar career many Miami students have made comes the wish to give back to the school as it has helped building that career. So, we are lucky to count a lot of the best creatives in the world amongst our teachers and mentors!

We have one great alumni, Mihnea Gheorghiu, who said in a career talk to a group of future grads “Connections work more in your favor than your portfolio” and I guess this is true. The wide and strong network of Miami Ad School will connect you to the best creatives in the world and if you play it right, you will build relationships that can last a lifetime. And which will get you very far – professionally and help you to become who you are meant to be!

Come join our Hall of Fame – become a Creative Rockstar and