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Diploma Program

Get an international DIPLOMA & your creative Portfolio

A filled in application contract for Berlin
100 euro application fee under these bank details:
Commerzbank AG
20349 Hamburg
IBAN: DE11 200 400 000 475 480 000
Please send us a screenshot of the payment receipt.
at least one ID document—e. g. ID card, passport or driver’s license scanned and emailed.
Creative tasks are to be done and sent
Last achieved education certificate, scanned and emailed.
an updated CV
A recommendation letter on an official letterhead, written by a valid source, scanned and sent via email.

Submitting an application made simple – here’s how:


► MAS Tuition is EUR 20,800 in total; it’s payable in quarterly installments of EUR 2,600 for 8 quarters / 2 years.

► Scholarship Options are available upon request.