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MAS Tuition is EUR 20,800 in total; it’s payable in quarterly installments of EUR 2,600 for 8 quarters / 2 years.
Scholarship Options are available upon request.

How to apply:

  • A filled in application contract for Berlin
  • A 100 euro application fee under these bank details: Commerzbank AG 20349 Hamburg, Germany S.W.I.F.T.CODE: COBADEFFXXX IBAN: DE11 200 400 000 475 480 000 Please send us a screenshot of the payment receipt.
  • At least one ID document—e. g. ID card, passport or driver’s license scanned and emailed.
  • Creative tasks are to be done and sent via WeTransfer and add in  as the recipient address.
  • Last achieved education certificate, scanned and emailed.
  • A recommendation letter on an official letterhead, written by a valid source, scanned and sent via email. The Original is to be sent via post/FedEX/DHL/Courier along with the original application contract.

Unless all of these steps are not completed, your application will be considered incomplete.