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Become an Academic Creative

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (B.A.) or Master of Science in Business Management (M.Sc.)

The nationally accredited and professional training of portfolio programs in art direction, copywriting, and digital design can also be expanded into a Bachelor in Business Administration (B.A.) or Master in Business Management (M.Sc.). For this we work together with the renowned Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation (SMI). In addition to the skills you are taught at the Miami Ad School, you are imparted with management knowledge tailored to creative professionals that lets you understand the business and have your say with the customer – so that you can sell your good ideas even better! The Miami Ad School and the Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation (SMI) thus offer courses which combine creative excellence with digital vision, especially in terms of that which is important from a business perspective: with strategic brilliance, leadership, creative management, personnel management, business development, new business, and expertise on marketing, management, and finance.

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