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Thank you for your interest in Miami Ad School and the Bachelor Program, which we offer in partnership with Steinbeis SMI in Berlin.

What you need to know: we are an Award Winning, international renowned Creative School and students apply with us to study in the so called “Portfolio Program” (in Art Direction, Copywriting, Digital Design, etc.). Resulting – after 8 quarters (= 2 years) in the Creative Diploma. Only after you have been accepted to study with Miami Ad School, you are eligible for the Steinbeis Program.

Here is why: Steinbeis has designed the Bachelor Program exclusively for us: You study at Miami Ad School (in the Portfolio/Diploma Program) and each Quarter break, you go to Berlin. To attend the Master Course at Steinbeis. In a very intense and also very intimate setting due to Steinbeis offering this course only for Miami Ad School Students, you study for your Master.

So, if all goes well, you not only have your Creative Diploma-, but also your Master on top!

Costs for the Bachelor Program (only applicable in combination with the Portfolio Program)

  • MAS Portfolio Program is 20.800 EUR in total (each Quarter à 2.600 EUR / 866,67 EUR per month for 2 years)
  • Tuition for Steinbeis-SMI University is 10.400 EUR in total (288,89 EUR per month for 3 years) plus 500 EUR matriculation- and 500 EUR examination fee
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