Career Starter


What to do and What to expect?

  • You can join our program 4 times a year in either January, April, July or October and we should receive your application at least 4 weeks before a new quarter starts.
  • As we have limited class size, it makes sense to apply as soon as possible to ensure a start in your preferred Season / Quarter.
  • The school is Award Winning with many opportunities to shine and an amazing learning experience.
  • All classes are held in English. And while we don’t ask for a TOEFL test, you should be ready to express yourself in fluent English!
  • You’ll meet a lot of interesting people. Make new friends and gonna have a lot of fun!

What do you get?

  • Top Teachers straight from the Biz as all our teachers are professionals working in the Creative Industry who share all their knowledge with you. With a very practical hands-on approach, they will mentor you to become who you’re meant to be!
  • Small class groups as we accept only 10—15 students per Quarter to ensure a very effective learning environment with lots of individual support and mentorship.
  • A Network to access the best creative minds out there. Former students go on to great things!

Portfolio School → Advertising Career

  • The goal is to build a successful portfolio in Art Direction, Creative Technology, Digital Design or Copywriting during 2 years of studying. That’s why we call it Portfolio Program. The entire program is split into 8 quarters. The duration of each quarter is 10 weeks. And it results in the Creative Diploma after 2 years or 8 quarters of education.
  • During the first four quarters, you’ll be at your base school in Berlin. Here you get the foundation to progress in your portfolio building journey. How? Through 5-7 classes per week and assignments in topics like Photography, Design & Layout, Adobe Creative Cloud, Ad Concept, Script Writing, etc.
  • In your fifth to seventh Quarter, you’ll go on the ›Quarter Away‹ terms, traveling the world and learning to apply the tools in real life, at partnering agencies in New York, Paris, London, Copenhagen, Tokyo or Sydney. The school connects you directly to these agencies. This gives you the possibility to have a working experience at an international level and to expand your personal & professional network!
  • In your 8th quarter, you will be back in school, working on the finishing touches of your portfolio and graduate from school with a Creative Diploma. After graduation, we assist with Placement Support in the form of Portfolio Screenings with a dozen leading German and European agencies that take part.

BECOME WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE…in a place where many exciting, inspiring and impactful things are created

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