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Apollo Shrugs# – The Strategy Training for young Gods

For Planner, Creatives, Consultants, Media Professionals!
This training is held in German language.

HOW TO CONTINUE HITTING THE BULLSEYE WITH COURAGEOUS STRATEGIES – NO MATTER WHAT POPS UP NEXT IN MARKETING. This training brings together what belongs together in brand communication: strategists, creatives, consultants and media professionals. All together to draw a bow and precisely shoot arrows. Because everyone of us has super powers. We can become aware of them, when we cooperate with others. Like courage is also best enjoyed with others. 
Would you believe, that we can all believe in the same totally absurd things? Whenever this happens, we put the gods of Olymp in the shadows. This training is also good for times of digitalization, when we are continuously told to transform our businesses or we will die. Only they don’t tell us where to transform to. The biggest data doesn’t show, neither does the most intelligent tool. Aren’t these the best times for clear thinking and creative actions? Aren’t these the best times for courageous collaborations? Or do we have someone still believing in successful brand strategies from a silo? We are all strategist by nature. We can not not be creative. And we have empathy. Thus APOLLO SHRUGS# is a 2 days training of your naturals. Fun, anyone?

Your competent guide


Strategic planner with 20 years of professional experience, 15 of them in management positions

If you are into brand communications and like what you are doing, you will enjoy putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience. You will want to use data and combine it with your understandings of human nature. You will enjoy being creative and innovative. If you’re good at all this and happily work like this, then this training will not only be fun for you. It will strengthen your strengths. It will support you to grow.

You will leave this training nonchalant shrugging your shoulders anytime it comes to topics like:

  • What your job to be done really is
  • What consumer centric should really mean
  • How to stay connected through data based Journeys, Eco Systems and Funnels
  • How brands grow
  • How stories are told
  • How to evaluate ideas
  • How to figure out what’s going on in your Media plans
  • The power of collaboration
  • How purpose is eating strategy for breakfast
  • What to learn from fashion gods, or: how to do the GUCCI
  • How to use AI to make your job easier – and not take over your job
  • Whatever comes along as the next big thing

You will also take with you 5 pragmatic tools for long term awareness of your super powers – good for outside the office, too.


On September 17 + 18, 2020, the two-day seminar will take place at the Miami Ad School Europe in Hamburg.

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Miami Ad School Europe | Finkenau 35e | 22081 Hamburg


  • 1.344,54€ excl. VAT (1.600€ incl. VAT)
  • 1.008,40€ excl. VAT (1.200€ incl. VAT) for companies with less than 10 employees and start-ups
  • 840,34€ excl. VAT (1.000€ incl. VAT) for graduates of Miami Ad School Europe
  • Discounts for groups (3 and more participants)


Those who register by August 17, 2020, only pay

  • 1.092,44€ excl. VAT (1.300€ incl. VAT)
  • 840,34€ excl. VAT (1.000€ incl. VAT) for companies with less than 10 employees and start-ups
  • 756,30€ excl. VAT (900€ incl. VAT) for graduates of Miami Ad School Europe

Fee includes catering.


Download the registration form here and send it to


Miami Ad School Europe · Phone: +49 40 4134670 · E-Mail: