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These are our current Bootcamp offers

Account Strategy Bootcamp

The Account Strategy Bootcamp is held annually from July to September and is open to all who have already had some exposure to strategy. It takes ten weeks and costs €4500.00 for the complete period. There are no specific admission requirements. You can apply at any time, at the latest by mid-June of each year. The program takes place entirely in English, but you need not provide a TOEFL test.

English language ability

English is the language of instruction at our school. But don’t worry!!! We don’t require a TOEFL test or anything. Simple school English is enough – you just have to be confident enough to start talking; the rest will take care of itself. Easy!

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Copywriter Bootcamp

There is no specific application requirements for the Copywriter Bootcamp. You only need professional experience as a writer or copywriter and a healthy basic knowledge of the advertising and creative industries. What is important above all is the desire to develop your concept design skills and to train intensively for a year.

Since the program is in English, you should be able to talk (and write) along with us. But we do not require a TOEFL or similar test: “Simple school English” and the courage to start talking are enough!

We would also be happy to advise you personally

  • in Hamburg unter der +49 / (0)30 / 31 98 200 00
  • in Berlin unter der +49 / (0)40 / 41 34 670
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Come visit us – Book a School Tour

We are more than happy to show you around and give you a tour to meet other students and teachers as well as the team of Miami Ad School Europe. Get a feeling for the location, city and campus spirit and ask all the questions that you have. At Any time – we are more than happy to have you.

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