Career Starter

Portfolio Program (Diploma international)

Art Director/Communication Design

2-YEARS PORTFOLIO PROGRAM WITH INTERNSHIPS Art directors work in ad agencies, marketing departments, social media companies. They come up with ideas and craft the visuals for everything you see. They make the world more interesting visually. Every day is different: brainstorming, selecting typefaces, going on photo shoots, presenting to clients, reviewing model head-shots.

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Creative Concept/Copywriting

2-YEARS PORTFOLIO PROGRAM WITH INTERNSHIPS Copywriters are articulate, eloquent and often very well read. They are connoisseurs of connotation and mavens of meaning. Harnessing the power of nuance and the rhythms of phrases and sentences, they make messages more memorable. Copywriters bring their skills to everything from one-liners to epic poems, knock-knock jokes to killer screenplays.

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Creative Technology

2-YEARS PORTFOLIO PROGRAM WITH INTERNSHIPS Creative technologists are techies with a creative passion and talent – or creatives with a knack for tech. They are thinkers and creators who solve problems through inventing, building or creating things. They know how to use the tools of the digital and tech world and can navigate in rough waters of information overload and data.

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Digital Design

2-YEARS PORTFOLIO PROGRAM WITH INTERNSHIPS The gaming industry could learn a thing or two from you, you’re on a first-name basis with avatars, and virtual reality is your second home? You are magically drawn to holograms, websites, and apps? Then DIGITAL DESIGN is stamped on your forehead.

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Academic Program (Degree international)

B.A. in Business Administration

On top of the Portfolio Program and in collaboration with Steinbeis SMI ,you can obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (B.A.) Major: Marketing, Media und Communication; Minor: Creation. International accredited and accepted.

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International Internships

Worldwide Locations

We place you at the Agency of your choice after completing your Foundations courses. There a hundred of companies to work for and dozens of places to go to!

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Alumni Network

We change lives! And that’s in no small part to our amazing graduates that keep giving back…

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Career Booster

Academic Program (Degree international)

M.Sc. in Business Management

On top of the Portfolio Program and in collaboration with Steinbeis SMI, you can obtain a Master of Science in Business Management (M.Sc.). Major: Marketing, Media and Communication; Minor: Creative Communication and Management. International accredited and accepted.

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Individual Courses & Bootcamps (Certificate of Completion)

Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects and more ...

We offer individual classes at our campus in Hamburg, as well as Berlin to join in and receive a 10 week booster within a chosen subject.

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Account Planning & Strategy Bootcamp

This boot camp was developed by leading planners precisely to meet the specific needs of this industry. Ten jam-packed, mind-expanding weeks make a maximum of 20 participants from around the world into smart strategists and planners.
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Copywriting & Creative Concepting Bootcamp

You are already active as copywriter/writer, but you are finding that that is too little over time? You already have experience in advertising, but you want to develop further, particularly in the direction of concept design? And give your writing a high-gloss polish on top of that? Welcome to our one-year English Copywriter Camp!

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Seminars & Workshops (Certificate of Completion)

Smart Leadership – Leading with a brain

C-level coaching with Manager Magazine Economic Bestseller author, Sebastian Purbs-Pardigol.

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The Better Planner

The industry luminaries provide the basics of planning and show successful ways for better collaboration with creation and customer. The knowledge turbo for one of the most exciting jobs in marketing!

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The Better Advisor

For the decisive career step forward: The most successful German consultants and agency bosses convey their secrets and most important basic principles. The seminar for all those who are in daily client contact, who want to make the decisive career step forward and who already have work experience.

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International Internships

Where can you go for „making memories“ and having extended classroom learning experiences? We send you on three 3-month internships in the hottest places to work from Berlin to Tokyo.
New York • Paris • Sydney • Stockholm • Toronto • Sao Paulo • Moscow • San Francisco

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