Winter Quarter January 2017 – application deadline end of November 2016


Master degrees!

There’s no place like Hamburg. It is one of the top ten most visited cities in Europe – and once you’ve been here, you’ll know why. It’s full of museums, has more theaters than any other city in the world, an amazing nightlife and almost everybody speaks English. A terrific environment for pop culture and a young creative person who wants to take what’s happening this minute and mold it into wild, wonderful and unforgettable ideas.

Pop culture is really your major subject at this school, be it as an Art Director, Copywriter or Graphic Artist. And the way our students and grads have mastered this subject may very well have revolutionized European advertising education. Since its inception just a few years ago, Miami Ad School Europe has swept the student advertising awards consistently and has won more titles than any other school in the world.

Serveral students won Student of the Year in Germany, Student of the Year in Holland, Student of the Year in Lürzer Archive magazine and Student of the year at Young Guns in Australia. Which abviously offers the best job opportunities for them. One of them was Menno Kluin who now is Executive Creative Director and Head of Art at DDB New York—and this is just one of many success stories!

Our graduates are highly sought by the agencies in Germany and the other European countries as Art Directors, Copy Writers or Graphic Artists. With MASE, Europe has a school that produces graduates highly trained, ready to go work at an ad agency, able to contribute the first day on the job.

The best instructors come here to teach: Creative Directors from Jung von Matt, Heimat, ServicePlan, Scholz & Friends, DDB, BBDO and many other well known agencies teach exactly what’s relevant and up-to-date in the industry. They all will give you briefings directly off their daily work, and they will apply the real world standards. Sometimes they’ll be tough; but be asured: they’re always benevolent! And they’ll will prepare you perfectly for what comes after school: The everyday creative madness of an ambitious agency.

And then, there are the two directors: Niklas Frings-Rupp won D&AD’s World’s Best Tutor Award and Oliver Voss was partner and Chief Creative Officer at Jung von Matt, Germany’s most creative agency. The list of their accomplishments is almost as long as their hair.

The sole occupant of a spacious 2,000 m2 building, the Hamburg school has been established for 10 years now and it offers a full-time study program (not just evening courses). The big plus: international students should have no problem getting a visa.

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