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One of the most successful Ad Schools world wide

You’re a creative mind, love advertising, or want to be a planner? This is your place to be! Miami Ad School is reckoned among the best and most successfull Ad Schools worldwide. Founded in 1993—and alive in Germany since 2003, with bases in Hamburg and Berlin.

Our grads work as art directors, copywriters or graphic artists for the best ad agencies on Planet Earth—called »Generation Miami«. Trained by pros from top notch studios, with inestimable know how and a great portfolios. Meet our students at the most ambituous places of ad biz, in Miami, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, Stockholm, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Sydney, São Paulo, Prague, Budapest, Madrid, or elsewhere.

But what IS Miami Ad School? Industry is looking for inductive minds, trend-setters, lateral thinkers, people whose very goal is success—for »Pop Culture Engineers«. This is why we’re called the »School of Pop Culture Engineering«, melding many different schools in one: design school, creative school, art school, portfolio school, the school for photography, the technical one, movie school, economy school, and the think tank as well. From your first day at Miami Ad School you’ll be in a different kind of place. You’ll hear English as well as German, Spanish, Portuguese or Russian. You’ll see blondes, but they aren’t all from Europe. You’re in a World school with students coming from everywhere—you’ll be part of the world-wide network of Miami Ad School.

And you can go for a Bachelor or Master degree with us as well: This uprade is in collabortaion with the renowned Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation!

Learn about the 6 HUGE BENEFITS of learning at Miami Ad School – click the pics on top. And check out our trailer to get a good idea of MAS—klick on the pic:







From the top ad agencies and companies: our instructors are working professionals, teaching weekly for the whole quarter. They run small classes, bringing real world assignments and real world feedback as well. Deadlines will be as short as in your later jobs, and don’t expect extra laurel if you manage to hold them. And though your teachers can be tough some times, trust that they are benevolent, always try to quench the very best from you—hey, it’s agency live, and you are going to learn it right here in school!

The Portfolio Programs and the Master Studies are biennial, for the Bachelor, you'll need three years. All Programs are structured into quarters. The first year (quarter 1 to 4) is at your base school. After that, you will go on a quarter away world tour—check the next slider for that. For the Bachelor and Master studies, additional compact classes at the partnering Steinbeis SMI are to be visited.

We have what no other advertising school has: an educational tour around the planet. Make your first year in school at Hamburg or Berlin, and your second year will find you on a World Tour—to another Miami Ad School, an internship or an agency / intern lab at one of our partnering agencies, in your 5th to 7th quarter.

Expect great cultural experiences and insights into real world ad business, plus the chance to build a world wide web of contacts!

Even more Real World for our students: Tour the best agencies on the planet. And these aren’t coffee-fetching internships. Students work on TV commercials, web sites and almost anything else you can think of. Work on real assignments while you are still going to advertising school. Vist up to three different agencies on three continents: That’s how our students learn from the best in the world.

Students at Miami Ad School work on real brands, preparing for the real world and real life as art directors, copywriters, graphic artists or else. Nike, Starbuck’s, Danone, Unicef, Microsoft—and many more. They learn to get a feel for a brand, presenting their work to real clients. And they benefit from our innovation lab: Real clients come to the advertising school.

Miami Ad School is not only about grads—it’s about REAL awards and laurel. Participating regularly in all the big ad scene contests, our school happens to win more prices than any other we would know of. And this golden rain won’t stop after you finished: Our graduates keep on winning, and winning, and winning. Let’s just mention …

Our programs have only one goal: To let you get the best job the advertising industry has to offer. With its famous Portfolio Reviews, Miami Ad School meets the agencies’ need for next generation adepts at social media and digital communication.

And agencies themselves contact us every week: With job offers to share with our grads.

Note that we are the ad school with the almost-100-percent-get-a-job-rate—who else can claim THAT?

Latest Blog Entries

  • Jean-Remy von Matt»Miami Ad School’s is clearly more in step with actual practice than any other program – and closer to the everyday ›madness‹ that is typical for an ambitious agency. That’s because the teachers are right from the biz (some of them from our own house), and not from its outskirts. We luckily were able to employ a lot of the school’s graduates, and our staff manager is always enthusiastic to announce the addition of another Miami Ad School graduate to our lineup. An education like this is definitely what I had dreamed of.«

    Jean Remy von Matt

  • michaeltrautmann»Miami Ad School clearly set new accents in Germany. Its concept is unrivaled: nowhere else students are introduced to their future job in such a focused, real-world way. Additionally, the international background makes sure that graduates can do their job virtually anywhere on Planet Earth. Thus, Miami Ad School clearly gives the best chance to join in to an interessting agency for young talents.«

    Dr. Michael Trautmann – kempertrautmann

  • arnolindemann»Miami Ad School is a true birthplace of viable new blood for Germany’s ad scene. These folks were tought by their trade’s best. They can think in both in media-neutral concepts and internationally as well, and they’re used to think a lot. Shortly: If all good ad folks of today were bred at Springer & Jacoby, tomorrow’s top creatives will have started their career at Miami Ad School.«

    Arno Lindemann – Lukas Lindemann Rosinski

  • kurtgeorgdiekert»I am a true fan of Miami Ad School. Not the least by self-interest, as some of my best creatives come from there. One of our greatest talents is a swedish-norwegian-cuban german who grew up in Spain. Where els could you find someone like this?«

    Kurt-Georg Dieckert– dieckertschmidt

  • ralfheuel »Miami Ad School adds an international level to German creativity education: little bullshitting, little marketing bushwa. Instead of that a precise focus on exceptional creation and ideas, complemented by a top choice of ideals.«

    Ralf Heuel – Grabarz & Partner